"White Paper of the INTENT behind

     Land of Aloha World Peace Projects (LOAWPP)"

Definitely the core basic understanding besides "ALOHA" is that we

Re-Examine and Recognize the Importance of MONISM

This project will utilize advanced science technology based on monism concept to support the restoration of indigenous peoples, promoting to grow out of hyper consumption model of society, startup earth rejuvenating model of society.


      MONISM is ONENESS, WHOLENESS, UNITEDNESS. DUALISM is when we take things and separate them, as in “good vs evil”, “you vs me”, “friend vs enemy”, “human vs nature”, “spirit vs matter”, etc...  

      This concept seems very appropriate because the projection of our physical world seems as it is so, being that every separate “MANIFEST” and “PROJECTION” are all “NAMED” and differenciated and at times separated to give information of its “State of TIME”.  This is some what right in this reality time and space of the regular 3 dimensional world (or 4 dimensional counting time frame in the world of physics of electro-magnetic), however, advanced science indicates that, in the metaphysical higher dimensional space where the “source” of all the information is (which provides every information to make up the material world of this time and space). 

      THIS IS NOT SO.  Advanced scientists, in fact father of Quantum Physic, Dr. William Tiller who we proudly have in our foundation states that higher dimension lies in between the electromagnetic molecule level, in the gap of electron and nucleolus of atom, at the vacuum space in the quantum level. 

       Ever since the biginning of time, the Indigenous Peoples has always had the uncanny knowledge of the notion of “Universe operates on the notion of monism there for, everything that exists in this universe are really all one”.  

      Not only the science has caught up to this notion but the Tiller model, indicates that the Human consciousness originates from the same high- dimensional space, there for, YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS will infatically and merely AFFECT THE PHYSICAL.

       There in lies a very good reason that The ALOHA PEACE FOUNDATION will concentrate on helping the world achieve HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS and with Doctor Tiller participation with the Foundation, this will be a realistic goal.

      One of our other member of the foundation, the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, an internationally renowned Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, had also taught us of the importance of the INTENT and WHOLENESS through Hidden MESSAGES FROM WATER. His book was New York Times bestseller, showed through photography how the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water can positively impact the earth and our personal health. 


     I will list some of thoughts which comes to my mind to emphasize on through the Land of Aloha projects.   


1 Getting out of Hyper Consumption Economy Model

     Conventional Hyper consumption model of society operates with the economy that runs with consumption activity (buy, use, discard).

     As Jose Mujica, a former president of Uruguay says “This hyper-consumption needs to be generated, making things that have short useful life, in order to sell a lot” and “We have to work and we have to sustain a civilization of use and discard, and so on, we are trapped in a vicious cycle”.

      The more excessive the consumption the more economic gain, citizen need to continuously consume rapidly to keep economy active, this society gets in to endless cycle of vast product manufacturing that exhaust natural resources. 


     Because sturdy product that last will only slow the consumption process, instead, society is filled with frangible and disposable products that makes the economic active but later turns in to large volume waste. Any attempt to reduce consumption in effort to lessen consumption driven environmental pollution and exhaustion of natural resources will usually be overlooked because it will result in slowing of economic activity.  

     As for the environmental issues, former president also indicates “We must realize that the water crisis and the aggression of the environment is not the cause. The cause is the model of civilization that we have created”


     Political ideas are based on economic gains over solving real issue, and rather than solving the fundamental aspect of matter, a superficial countermeasure are chosen since it allows a stable thriving of middle businesses, so the fundamental aiming environmental enhancing ideas does not flourish. 

     Modern people who lives in this Hyper Consumption model of society, unknowingly lives to gain material wealth, lost from finding true happiness, destructing the planet along with their own health, even repeatedly creating wars on the country scale. And often views human as being above the nature and even tries to dominate it. Just as the quote “Wealth is like a sea-water. The more we drink, the thirstier we become, and the same is true of fame” by Arthur Schopenhauer indicates, it can be said that, the path of economic priority principle is endless road to exasperating hungry wanton ghost realm.  


     On the other hand, the common knowledge of the indigenous peoples around the world is that, human is let alive by the power of nature and is a “Protector of the land”, there for, people live to care and protect our environment. 


      The Land of Aloha World Peace project aims to increase people who go back to the original meaning in life, that is, to care for the earth to regain harmony with all creation of universe and making mankind and world full of true happiness in life.

     Goal of the project is to achieve World Peace by working together with the indigenous peoples to create the back to the roots society that cares for the environment. And this project helps in restoration and advancement of their environmental prioritized society model nation and at the same time, it helps in unity of the indigenous peoples of the world. Along with LOA project members and citizens who join this movement, environmental conservation will take place from indigenous people’s territory around the globe, starts the true fulfilling society full of soul fulfilled happy people. 

2 Natural Disaster Care of Land of Aloha


     There are many natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and volcanic eruption including global warming are occurring thorough out the world today. Natural disaster has been with us since the birth of the earth, However, environmental pollution and disruption resulting from human activities has added to making it worse. For example, deforestation, combusting of fossil fuel, unnatural land use of agricultural land that disrupts Albedo effect (as in sun light reflection effect), emission of methane and greenhouse effect gases.  


      And according to indigenous people, other than physical season to trigger natural disasters, it is also a result of the human consciousness. it is the result of collective consciousness of people who ceased to pray for the nature and universe, and many of them carrying many types of agony in this society.


     However, the mankind has always denied the possible connection of natural disaster and climate change with the artificial change caused by human. Instead, for last couple of decade mankind tried to civilized technologies in effort to evolve to win a battle against natural disaster. However, as one can tell from previous damage done by tidal waves despite the huge concreate barricade, human technology will never have a victory against the power of nature. 

Besides, just as many of the urban-type Back water flooding which involves collapsing of embankment, many damage are known to occur at the area where the natural drainage system of the mountain and the river were artificially altered by human, plus the unjustly developed city and residences. For example, it is indicated that, artificial stemming of a natural water flow of the mountain and the river, altering the flow direction and building embankment on the river will force the water to collect and may increase the risk of flooding when the water volume capacity gets large beyond the assumption level.     


Then, now there are many research is in process in effort to control the climate itself, massive funds are spent on the project to attempt to control the nature. In addition, there are space development that targets migration to outer space, and profit gain by harvesting resources from outer planet. Because of this development, many earthly resources has been thrown out of the earth. 

     While polluting the environment, mankind denies the connection between human pollution and natural disaster, instead making continuous attempt to control nature, trying to seek solution in the outer space at the end.  mankind who choose victory over harmony and plundering by expedition, dislikes humble environmental preservation but rather likes to focus on winning the battle with nature. And develops technology to go outer space, repeat the scavenges extraterrestrial resources just as how it is done on earth.   Mankind once and for all, need to assume the position that we are actually let alive on the earth, and respect the nature once again rather than trying to control it. 

     Despite the question of whether artificial change affects Natural disaster and climate change or not, it is important to understand the natural disaster as nature’s warning and have a heart to listen to the natures voice as negative effect of environmental pollution that our society creates toward nature is highly probable, and go forward with environmental rejuvenation. And in order for the nature to allow us to coexist, we need to have the respect to pray for the nature’s wellbeing, this spirit is the most important issue.


     Land of aloha will conduct in natural rejuvenation as we listen to the nature's voice, and in effort raise the human collective consciousness, we will pay respect and continuously bless the nature. 

(the Human collective consciousness level can be scientifically measured by the applied kinesiology)







3 Environmental Improvement of Land of Aloha 

     Occurrence of environmental pollution and depletion of natural resource just by mankind’s prosperity is a current ironic situation.   Thermal power generation plants, and nuclear power plants, exhaust fumes from the automobile, atmospheric pollution from industrial smog, industrial waste material that accumulate various places, petroleum based synthetic surfactant that runs in to the ocean by daily uses of detergents, all are environmental damaging factors of our hyper consumption society just to name a few. 


     Then, in the various sea areas of pacific, there are presence of nuclear pollution (nuclear isotopes) in a “safe standard level”, because of the nuclear power plant accident and nuclear bomb testing that was conducted long time ago. 


     High-level radioactive waste such as spent nuclear fuel which emits as byproduct from the nuclear power plants has no real method of processing to get rid of it, so ill-prepared method of burring it in to deep ground few hundred meters down and retaining it with government supervision for “100 thousand years” were officially authorized.  The reality is, High-level radioactive waste has no other measure other than to bury it deep in to the ground. 

      As one can see, many of these environmental issues has no concordance in discussion leaving the proper countermeasures to be over looked. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant accident had a major melt down of radioactive material that got soaked down deep in to the ground that has been washed out to the sea by the underground water that is flowing from the mountain to the sea creating nuclear pollution of the entire pacific ocean.   Present countermeasure to this matter is also indicated very questionable by many specialists.  

     The design of today’s hyper consumption society, sets for the economic gain of the reigning industry, in return natural environment gets destroyed, at the end, incapable of improving this wrong cycle nor to deal with the after math of it, all because of the economic reasons. The deeper underlining cause of the present economic base society has to do with the dualism concept of society, which will be descried later. 


     At Land of aloha, we will reexamine this core concept, and stand on the indigenous peoples environmental rejuvenating monism philosophy to bring out the true rejuvenating methods to conduct in environmental care. 

4 Land of Aloha Way of Improving Global Warming

     Obvious rising of temperature that are visible to anyone’s eye can be seen in many negative chain reactions. Frequency of Europe and America’s forest fires and melting of ice in the north pole for the most part speaks of global warming as a true issue. Frequent forest fire occurring at Europe especially near Greece and west coast of the United States, is a spontaneous combustion ignited by excess dry air and heatwave. 2 to 3 weeks of continuous fire will emit vast amount of CO2 and accelerates more global warming that prepares another onset of forest fire to create vicious cycle of global warming.


     If the ICE MASS in the north pole melts down, temperature will rise in the ocean, this may even out the temperature level on each sea, which will stop the water current flow leading to death of ocean.  In the effort to surpass this, the mother nature may erupt volcanoes to shout out the sunlight from the atmosphere this may call out another glacial age.


     Imagination will only resemble a worst situation, However, it is already a heart breaking situation for the northern polar bear that has already started to drown due to lack of Ice, and Japanese grade school kids are kept within the class room to prevent heat stroke from playing outside on the playground.


     To believe that the global warming doesn’t exist is height of folly. Also, the idea to think that global warming is a natural phenomenon rather than artificial change caused by human, or to say that it is actually a start of glacial period or debate on whether CO2 is a factor or not, are totally meaningless subject to begin with. Because, if the global warming were due to natural cycle, or even if it was due to Glacial effect, human existence has lot to do with aggravating the global warming and ruining the environment anyways. For example, heat accumulating asphalt road and concreate buildings and structures, automobile emits CO2 from exhaust and heat, ocean polluted by petroleum base synthetic detergents are not able to dissolve CO2 in the air, even the air condition use by humans to protect them self from heat emit heat from the external fan, all contributes to global warming.   

Now the whole world is based on the hyper consumption model society and if there are 7.6 billion of us are living this way, already an automatic global warming enhancement, as an actual problem.  

     In the current hyper consumption society, similar to problem with many other environmental tactics, global warming issue also faces meaningless debates without any actions. This is because specific countermeasure needs to be established in order to get the grant for the investment that everyone agrees on, therefore, the clear “target” is necessary. Ironically, any phenomenon does not have single “target” for its reason, so forming a specific target in order to attempt counter measure only allows action to become superficial, since it’s never a root of a problem, therefore, no matter how much investment is put toward targeted countermeasure there will never be a success.  So before the economic priority issue, current society has a delusional problem that arises from the dualistic ideology to make attempt for singling out one target.  


     This is exact similar dilemma of the modern medicine that attempts to target the symptoms and tries to suppress it using chemicals, rather than treating the root cause of disease. 

     Despite all these confusions, unfortunately, there exists an economic prioritized country that abandons the care for environmental issues, declaring to withdraw from Paris agreement which is design to tackle the global warming issue. As you can see, economic oriented society does not hold interest in environmental protection project unless it taps in to their financial interest.

“There is no nonsense so errant that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate government action” quotes by Bertrand Russell. 


     Thorough out the world, under the name of justice, our civilization has been breaking out war, stealing of indigenous people’s land, polluting environment all for pursuing further profit making, which should not be repeated.  


    Historically indigenous peoples all over the word has gotten their national identity and their land stolen, and lived through the hard ships even in present days.  However, as the “protectors of land”, they will no longer accommodate continual damage that is being done to the mother nature. And instead of waiting for the solution that takes forever to come, they have started restoring the national identity along with many environmental improvements from nation of Hawaii and other indigenous people’s territories.


     LOA World Peace project members who are likewise the protectors of land will synchronize to the indigenous peoples and instead of waiting for the profit pursuing country and its agency that operates with the soul of merchants, we will persuade toward better future for the earthly environment.  


    *In the SHI NOU KOU SHOU (士農工商) an Japanese classical social order of society, spirit of SHI(士)or the samurai was ranked the highest since it holds  the Bushido spirit that disliked profit oriented business, instead emphasized Harmony. On the other hand the SHO(商)or the merchant emphasize on business over Harmony, so it was considered the lowest of the system.   


    And, regardless of if global warming is due to human factor or just a course of nature cycle, our aim is to take strong stand on what we can do now and seek improvement on current condition.

     Global warming comes from excessive amount of CO2 release in the atmosphere. CO2 gets release from excess use of fossil fuel and trimming down on the forest no longer neutralizes CO2. Besides this problem, the other reason lays in the pollution in the ocean water.  

     It is clear the one of the main reason for Carbon dioxide excess that leads to Global warming is diabolizing ecosystem and the contamination of the sea. The ocean reefs and the algae that cleans the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been dying out around the world resulting to less cleaning of carbon dioxide.  The main reasons for this would be, disabling of mutual mountain and the ocean connection by human civilization causing ecosystem failure in sea shores, and the petroleum based surfactant such as detergent used by people every day are been released in to ocean causing invisible pollution. 


     Pollution of the Ocean water, which is one of the main reasons for the global warming, comes from massive amount of petroleum based synthetic detergent flowing in to the ocean. The detergents that was used to do laundry and dishes are made from synthetic surfactant or synthetic surface activating agent derived from fossil fuel. This material cannot be broken down for over 200 years after it reaches the ocean. Even under the severe threat from synthetic surfactant, ocean still contentious to clean out 20 billion ton of CO2 in the air, great portion of cleaning comes from coral and the reef in the ocean. This important reef however is dying out because of the petroleum based synthetic surfactant flowing in to the ocean.   

5Ahupua’a Ecology Living System to Connect the Mountain and the Sea

     We have started the Native Hawaiian’s AHUPUA’A Living system that connects the mountain and the sea at the Land of Aloha.  This system will bring the traditional staple food such as TARO (Hawaiian Potato Variety) back in the living, while restoring the ecosystem of the sea shore.  

6 Dakappa water activation system that improves waste water quality.

      If the Dakappa water activating system that activates water molecule and improves water quality were to be used by people at their household, the chlorine in the tap water deactivates and the cleansing power of the water revives so there would no longer be necessary to use petroleum based surfactant based synthetic detergents.  Instead, small amount of natural surfactant based detergents that biodegrades when it reaches the ocean, can be used, resulting to reduction of sea pollution.  

      We believe that, along with restoring the connection of the mountain and the sea to revive the ecosystem of the sea shore, and discontinuing the ocean damaging petroleum surfactant based detergent usage alone will have positive effect on the ocean ecosystem

7Blue Box Quantum Water Improvement System

     Actual water improvement procedure, BLUE BOX which quantum physically activates and improves water quality will be utilized through this project. Initial machine is already at the Nation of Hawaii. 

8 Hemp Crete that doe Not Accumulate Heat

     Another environmental conservation model that improves global warming, The Nation of Hawaii will utilize HEMP CRETE instead of using regular concrete and asphalt that accumulate heat. Hemp Crete is a substitute to concrete made from hemp fiber. By utilizing this material, it may be possible to make roads and building that doesn’t accumulate heat. it is no question that there will be much less heat if the building structure and roads were belt with cooler material. 

     Air conditioner is known to exhaust hot air to the outside of the building, since the material that decline heat will keep the interior of the building structure cool. so eliminate the usage of Air-conditioner may be possible together with the usage of these material. These are just one of the topic toward synergistically improving global warming.  

9 Industrialize Waste Treatment with Special Plasma Jet Arc Technology 

     If the new material is put to use, the necessity to exchange between already existing heat accumulating material and the new one will take place, therefore, there is no question that there will be industrial waste discharge.  Because of this, detoxify processing of variety of industrial waste are also in the field of vision.


    Plasma Jet Arc emitting system prototype that effectively eliminates industrial waste is readily available to be used.  


     This emits high temperature plasma jet arc that is 4000 degrees centigrade. Whether the industrial waste material is, harmful PCB or asbestos his will disintegrate it in to non-hazardous new material.  This technology does not emit secondary pollution gas even under the normal atmospheric air condition.

It could even operate under water or in vacuumed condition  By utilizing this technology, future cleanup of all the man made hard to process industrial waste can be solved. This Jet Arc will always be owned by Jujube.

10 Personal Participation in Rejuvenating the Environment

     Commodity like detergents we use each day are made of petroleum based surfactant contains many chemicals. Using the commodity product like detergents that are made from petroleum based surfactant and containing chemicals is not only hazardous to our body but our domestic waste water is polluting the ocean as well.   


     Detergents and many other products uses substance called a Surfactant (surface activating agent) to get the watery parts and oily parts to mix evenly to make a solvent. Surfactant molecule as the micro level has a match stick like shape. The bottom part of the match stick sticks to oil molecule, and the head part sticks with water molecule. Bottom end part of numerous micro match sticking to the oil molecule forming a sea urchin shape and the head part of it stick to water causing water and the oil to mix in to each other.  This is how the, surfactant molecule goes in between the water molecule and oil molecule to attach them together, which creates solvent which easily enables the dirt to come off of clothes and grimes to come off of any wanting to clean surfaces.

     The difference between Natural surfactant and the petroleum based synthetic surfactant is whether it is biodegradable or not. Since the the natural surfactant is composed of micro-match stick that is made with sodium and natural oil, microbe can effectively consume it and break it up. However, the petroleum based synthetic surfactant is made from petroleum and is similar to plastic the microbe cannot readily break it up, this is non-biodegradable material steadily pollutes the ocean. The petroleum that are used as surfactant is left over part of the oil that doesn’t become fuel gasoline. Good example of benefit for our comfort and economy is clearly seen here again for marine pollution is damaging the eco system therefor, the CO2 cleaning ability of the ocean has declined, contributing largely to the global warming. 

SYNTHETIC PETROLEUM BASE SURFACTANTS are not just in detergents. It is in our everyday use products as in shampoos, conditioners, skin products, underarm detergents, and toothpastes to name a few and of course how can we miss the salad dressings and margarines and all kinds of things like Synthetic Medicine from pharmacy, that we consume through our mouth and our skin, to name it call we will need hundreds of pages.


      Not to go into the details, however, the CUTANEOUS TOXIN, petroleum based synthetic surfactant which gets observed through cutaneous region of our skin becomes AN ENVIRONMENTAL HORMONES (a hormone disrupters) that becomes bases of many diseases.


     Because our body does not discriminate and accepts synthetic petroleum substance as though they are natural substance and creates un wanted reaction with our hormone interactive behavior.  Now not only does this create a havoc in our bodies, once it gets out to the ocean through your perspiration, bladder, bowel and other discharges, this becomes a major marine contamination factor that is killing marine life and ruining the oceanic eco system. Not to mention it accumulates in to the ocean livestock that will pollute our health internally through the food chain.   Because of this usage we are ruining our health and oceanic environment.  Using less of chemicals like petroleum based surfactant detergents and other products in daily living is essential for environmental conservation that we can engage in a personal level.


     LOA projects emphasis is to have a same notion with indigenous peoples, that is, we are the protectors of the earth and individually be attentively rejuvenating the current environmental condition. 

11 Example of ocean rejuvenating living using Dakappa system 

     By installing the Dakappa Water Activating unit, the chlorine in the water will be deactivated, leaving the water more active, so the original cleaning ability will be restored.  The petroleum base synthetic detergent will Not be needed as this water is utilized in the daily living, all you will need is small amount of BAKING SODA or natural surfactant based soap, if at all. Since the “The Match stick” that are of the natural surfactant source will be readily biodegraded therefore, this becomes environmental preservation.






12 Corporate and Industrial Level Participation for Restoring of Earth.

     In order for our society to be environmentally rejuvenating filled with happy coexisting people, the spirit of enterprise needs to have the order of putting the environment 1st, people the 2nd, and economy the 3rd.  However, todays corporate and industrial spirit prioritize profit to practice in the wrong principle order of putting economy 1st, people 2nd, and the environment the 3rd. It is this spirit that makes current industry which uses vast amount of chemicals, scavenge natural resources also producing many industrial waste.


    By advancing forward with profit prioritized spirit, human kind has created the hyper consumption model of society that depletes recourses and ruin the environment. Industries are captivated in making profit, people working until exhausted, driving the natural resources to deplete.


    Whether it is chemical or plastic product, its origin is fossil fuel, so all the products that are made for economical gain begins as natural resource. So more you sell the more depletion of natural resource, and it becomes a pollutant depending on what it is. Not to mention, up on discarding, it becomes waste material that again pollutes the environment. So mankind scavenges earth of its natural recourses, and gives back pollution in return.   

     LOA project will emphasize on all the business and industry to operate with the indigenous people’s environment prioritized order of, ENVIRONMENT 1st, PEOPLE  2nd, and ECONOMY 3rd. In turn, all of the industry will be beneficial to all people and the environment in the real means, bringing back fundamental of industrial spirit that produces ecological products that restores healthy environment. 

13 The “Aloha Coin” as Key Currency of Land of Aloha


     For every industry to actively operate with the indigenous people’s environmental priority sprit there is “Aloha Coin”, the key currency of indigenous people. Originating from Hawaii, Aloha Coin will be the currency among the indigenous peoples and the project participants around the world.  

     It is essential that consciousness of each individual who handles this new economy should be set to the right order of, environment 1st, people the 2nd, and economy the 3rd. which is the right economic spirit order.


      When People who utilizes Aloha Coin become conscious about the human role to prioritize environmental care, sequence of endogenous people’s economic sense to support sustainable society will spread to the world. And when each individual understands the monism view and to put the Land of Aloha World Peace project in the center of their consciousness, world will go toward peace.


     Aloha coin's economic design is going back to the source.  All of the material that surrounds us, including our mineral compound in our physical body is crafted by natural resources from the earth. We are really one with the land, thus the Monism is a key concept.  

Land of Aloha World Peace project is the first attempt to make the world peace by going back to source belief of monism and creating industries based on that belief.  Aloha Coin will be the currency to manifest the monism consciousness to reality. Monism does not separate human from environment. It does not separate people, groups or the world.  It keeps family together, it keeps us together with nature, it even keeps us in touch with our ancestors and all the high divinity in the universe allowing us to have divinity with inside of us.  


      The Aloha World  Peace foundation will get all of the industries to come together in the monism concept of the indigenous peoples. Hence land and mother earth comes first, people second because we are here to take care of the earth, and the 3rd important economy will help people take care of the land.

14 Present World of False Dichotomy 

     Obsession toward wealth is a common standard in the Present World today. the more richness you get the more money you will need. Just as how Schopenhauer indicated in his quote, this is similar phenomenon to drinking the sea water in a effort to quench the thirst, just to find out that more you drink the more thirsty you will get.  This is a never ending cycle of dichotomy.  

     In the deeper sense of the current worlds “Wrong Basal concept” of our economy model lies on the Dualism Thinking. Dualism is when we take things and spreading in to pieces, like good vs evil, you vs me, friend vs enemy, human vs nature, and so on.  This concept seems very appropriate because the projection of our physical world seems like it is so, this is somewhat right in this reality time and space of the regular 3 dimensional physical world (or 4 dimensional counting time frame in the world of physics) of electro-magnetic.  however, advanced science indicates that, in the metaphysical higher dimensional space where the “source” of all the information is provided to make up the material world of this time and space, it is not so. At the metaphysical level everything is unitary thus monism is based on this essence. 

     Dulism is rooted deeply in to the religious view to separate god being vs evil being, or even divine being vs human being.  While power of god or divinity also rests with in each of us, this concept tend to take people away from achieving internal peace, because this concept drives people to imagine god in some were high places away from them, it separates the inner divine consciousness away from oneself. And drives people to be addicted to religion. So the People has more tendency to look in to material and wealth as the essence of happiness and our whole economy operates in this belief.    Because our society today are based on the dualism belief, we are creating this Hyper consumption model of economics that drives the economy by endless consumption.  the products are made and people consume, products are built to break easily not build to last because economy is empowered only by the consuming dynamics, if people stops consuming economy stops. This is the bases of our modern medicine, industries, agriculture and above all our education. Which trains us to have the current model of economy: profit first, people second and land and mother earth 3rd the last.

     This hyper consumption model of economic based on dualistic concept leads to depletion of the natural resources and creates pollution, and more so the violence and war. The dualism mind is materialistic and the mind will never have enough. They are never fulfilled, always longing for more and more, they are very craving and hoarding.  Insecure people wants more money, more profits, more things and so on.  It makes situations to have the need of more security and things, making humans more prone to creating violence and war. Interests in other lands and resources of other countries can become situations. 


      Just as how one can see with Columbus’s “discovery of the continent”.  In actuality, after all the medieval time was history of one-sided invasion and colonization of almost all of the non-white race’s lands by white people for the sake of their religion. 

     First Europeans also arrived at Hawai’i on 1778, and by 1820 the 150 missionaries were dispatched in through American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.  “Aimed at nothing short of covering these islands with fruitful fields and pleasant dwellings, and schools and churches: of raising up the whole people to an elevated state of Christian civilization…to turn them from their barbarous courses and habits” were the mission which got executed, later by 1893 Hawaiian Kingdom were over thrown.  In the year 1993, United Church of Christ here of apologized for getting together with businessman from the United States to end up participating in the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. 


      After the medieval time, similar event took place to most of the indigenous people through the world, altering of culture and religion of the people has ended up to be a cultural genocide. 

Some has gimmicked an invasion, while some planned to “rise the culture” of the indigenous people, but ether way these are act of arrogant mindset of people with dichotomy philosophy who think of themselves as coming from high places.   “This still goes on as passive genocides even to this day”, saids “Bumpy” Kanahele, Head of Nation of Hawai’i.


     What the Nation Leader means by “on going passive genocide” is that, “unknowingly people are self-destroying the national identity by getting into the trap of modern civilization and turning away from what is important in life, throwing away the culture and becoming westernized. This begins with ideology of people bought about by dualism planting education, and hyper consumption society which disguise itself as “grace” is taking control all over the world. “    

15 The Consciousness of Monism 

     It is well known among many scholars in the recent days that, all of the things including human body, the mind and consciousness are connected to all creations in universe, and is dynamically creating harmony with one another.  However, in a precise view of this natural law, rather then to say that all creation in the universe is connected, it is actually existing as ONE, according to definition of monism.


     Science has discovered that, what makes the physical reality that you can visually observe, is the information wave that comes from the metaphysical, high dimensional realm that makes up the quantum structure of all things in the universe. So the advanced science has discovered that at the high dimensional metaphysical reality where the source that emits the information wave from, there is a unitary, and the human consciousness are of the same origin.


     Advance physicist like Dr. William Tiller, hypotheses that higher dimension lies in between the electromagnetic molecule level, in the gap of electron and nucleolus of atom, at the vacuum space in the quantum level. 


     The Tiller-Einstein model theory, indicates that the human consciousness originates from the same high- dimensional space, therefor, your consciousness will merely affect the physical world. 

     “For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call physical reality. Our experimental research of the past decades shows that, for today’s world under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We human are much more then we think we are” quote by Dr. William Tiller.


This quote indicates the true nature of the universe as the monism describes actually is supported by the leading science called a quantum physics. It is truly a second Copernican-scale revolution to know that that your consciousness can affect the physical reality.  


     Ever since the beginning of time, the indigenous people’s belief is that universe operates on the notion of MONISM there for, everything that exists in this universe are really all one. In the modern age, science has caught up to this notion and if people understand that the consciousness of each individual is what makes up reality, the importance of each and individual consciousness can be ascertained. The key to WORLD PEACE is to create a society of conscious people where every individual has a chance to seek for their original mission so that they may live a life of their calling so that they can find the true meaning in life and experience true happiness from the bottom of the heart.   












           Left: Nation of Hawaii flag, center: Land of Aloha World Peace Project flag, right Japan flag.  

      Since this project originated at the Nation of Hawaii with its Japanese relations, this project sometimes gets false representation of it being a Native Hawaiian Sovereign movement’s funding project, however, it is not so. While this project helps to restore Native Hawaiian people’s country, this project is about benefiting everyone in the whole world. 


     It is about getting together with Hawaiians as well as all other indigenous groups, and all people in the world to join and exercise the lifestyle of ONENESS to care for the environment and to lead toward WORLD PEACE.   


     Since this project utilizes Aloha Coin as a native people’s economic method, needless to say, within the total process, this project will help the Native Hawaiian people to restore their country HAWAI’I and their SOVEREIGNTY.  In turn, this will help US to achieve reconciliation process between Native Hawaiian People in the most righteous way as stated in the The Apology Law: Public Law 103-150 for the overthrow of Hawaiian people’s country. 

     Because the project will link the indigenous peoples around the world, this project will help restore the self-sovereign, and national identity of all indigenous people around the world. However, this project is not just for indigenous people alone, but it is for all mankind.


      By giving approbation to the indigenous people’s land prioritized life concept and joining this economic system Aloha Coin, the ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE MODEL OF SOCIETY will take shape. Developing in to society that rejuvenates environment with joyful people are definitely a Win–Win situation that benefitS indigenous people, and all other non-indigenous people as well. 

      When you take your mind to deeper sense, differentiating indigenous people with others by means of blood quantum percentage may satisfy the mathematical objective but in reality is totally unreasonable.  Since the olden days, there are many race mixture, however, disclamation of ethnicity because of very little or less blood quantum volume should not be possible. Now that going back to far generation is now possible with the DNA analyses, it is well known fact that many Asians would have White DNA, and many white person can have Black DNA as well. In the end, there is not any single person in this world that has single ethnicity.  

     And with the recent PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), existence of ancestral soul wound in the individual are actually a scientific topic and it is also well known that PTSD is not just for victim but also for aggressor as well. From this perspective, in the human history of continuous plundering and occupation of other ethnicity and country, regardless if your ancestors were assaulters who dominated a group or victims who got conquered, modern peoples soul wound will not heal especially if our society is continuing to be UNCONSCIOUS. We must acknowledge that continual UNCONSCIOUNESS will only create repeat performances of UNJUSTICE. We all must deeply apologize for anywrong doing and over looking of any wrong doings in order for us to heal our soul wound from the previous ancestral doings, and move toward WORLD PEACE.  

     All the aspired individuals who joins the Land of Aloha World Peace Project needs to be of the high consciousness, understanding the need for universal brother hood and the UNIVERSAL MONISM. 

 16 “Ancestral Grief” is the Key Element in Effort to Prevent War

     Besides from economical reason for the war break outs, “Ancestral Grief” is a deeper side of it. Only with the acknowledgement of ancestral existence, we can come into understanding the “Ancestral grief” of the other countries we are having hard time to communicate with. While some cultures mainly do to religious reasons may have some difficulties understanding this concept, however,  it is important to keep in mind that other countries believe deeply this ancestral concept and are in deep grief from the previous damages that other cultures have done to their people in the past. Only with this notion in mind we are able to communicate with more understanding to prevent further amplitude of emotional outrage, if we are ever interested in preventing war in the future.  

      ALOHA PEACE FOUNDATION is “NOT” a religious organization and we are far from aspiring and asserting of such, however, we intend to be very sensitive to emotional and physical traumas that have been caused by “some righteous groups of people” who virtuously  enterprized for “their” profit and intoxication. As in ANCESTRAL GRIEF, we do not pursue this concept in a religious sort of way but we as a HUMANE, MINDFUL, CARING, ALOHA BEINGS, will RESPECT and will act with SYMPATHY and feel APOLOGETIC to what had occurred and what is still ocurring and cannot be arrested. 


     The “Key is ALOHA” and this is what the FOUNDATION puts it’s emphasis on. ALOHA PEACE FOUNDATION will march forward and embrace the situation with this recalled “KEY”. 


      Would you if you can go back to the life we were having say, beginning of this year 2020...really would you? Would you use the same Key which brought and resonated this CORONA VIRUS Pandemic?


     How does the Virus get born in the first place? Usually Virus is natural occurring...and we have lived with them for thousands of years. In fact we are bundle of bacteria and forever renewing our immune system. Now lets not get political...however lets think about this ...is what we are going through PLANNED...and if so by whom and for whose benefit?


     We don't believe in abusing other lives, to create a dangerous disease so that vaccine can be made to be the victor. This in itself is ANCESTRAL GRIEF. The poor animal who was abused until death and made sick left us GRIEF!


     Nothing ever comes from negativity.

17 Changing the education

     In this world we are taught to believe in the duality of the existence, from that notion it seems that dualism makes more sense compared with the somewhat mystique monism philosophy.  


     Dualism seems more real, and is a proper philosophy based on reality of existence.  Science had evolved with dualism concept which led to a mechanism philosophy which worked very well for building airplanes and rockets. 

     However, the mechanism does not explain about metaphysical or unseen aspect of reality, despite that aspect is a real aspect of reality. All of the matters are given command by the information wave from the quantum spaces of molecules, allowing the physical matter and the phenomenon to exist. However, with the advancement of bioinformatics, science has now begun to evolve in to next level, the monism and the vitalism. 

   18 Body is Not Made With Mechanical Parts…Lets Treat It As Whole

       For example, in a medicine, when we medically examine the human body which is a live creation,  one must understand the unseen part of the life  such as QI, vital force, and what gives the life going. Understanding this aspect of life is called a Vitalism.  

“No matter how advance the modern medicine evolves, we cannot just utilize the orthodox medicine that stands on top of the mechanism scientific belief that are suitable to making airplanes or rockets and expect to understand life” so said Dr. Keiichi Morishita MD, of Morishita Natural Medicine in Japan. We need to utilize vitalism concept to explain the real essence of life because the life’s real essence is in the energy before the material being. Vitalism is monism, therefor, you are your food, food is the earth, and so are you, you are the earth.  To help the indigenous peoples to take care of the worlds “soul wound” is the deep aspect of the healing, and is the important principle of the medicine. 


     Misconception of mechanism originates from dualism concept needs immediate attention in the educational level.


19 School Based on Monism Unified Art of SHITOUKAN,

an Ancient Martial Art


     Shitoukan was first originated as a martial arts establishment or a DOJO (Gym) to unite and refurbish the traditional martial arts to its original ancient forms. 


      While many people of the world think of Japanese martial arts as untouched last resort of traditional Martial arts, the reality is not what it seems. Ironically, many predominant masters agree that, throughout history art has been broken up and lost its wholeness.  Japanese martial arts had its share of dualism which allowed it to be broken up in to pieces, Like Karate has lost its throwing and joint manipulating techniques and just became striking art. While the KATA (forms) resembling what seems like a technique but many teachers had lost the explanation of BUNKAI (broken down) meaning of it so emphasis is put on mostly striking. 


     It is well known that traditional Japanese ancient art had all-inclusive technique that manifests the divine power through mechanics of WAZA (technique) but that technique has been long lost. Jujutsu is said to be of old forms that still exist today but, it also divided in to Aikido and Judo.


    Aikido is known for spiritual aspect such as Ki or unity as its essence, focuses on momentum training and leverage to achieve AIKI (power emitted from unity), and Judo for grabbing and throwing the opponent. A remaining what is claiming to be unbroken Jujutsu had become sort of a form movement oriented martial art rather than training for real situation, and karate of course is known for striking art. Once the art is separated in to grabbing, or striking or joint manipulation, to emphasizes on each action, then it is a conditioning practice, that are no longer situated for a real battle.  Not needed to say swordsmanship was part of martial arts however, it is now taught as KENDO that is isolated practicing of just sword techniques. As you can see martial arts exists as separate pieces of puzzle.

     Despite such condition, there exists a Martial arts called Kapukuia Lua (also known as LUA) that has been passed down strictly with in native Hawaiian community. It is very unique form of art which function with striking, throw, lock and joint submission all in one motion in the counter offensive matter. And the non-attacking protecting gesture of this art creates dramatic energy derived from counter offensive maneuver. The ancient martial method that developed at the Hawaii kingdom periods from uniting the martial art from countries that had treaty still existed here in Hawai’i.


      Through the Land of Aloha Project, Lua and Karate was united then SHITOUKAN was formed, SHITOUKAN then created BUDO YUDAN SHA KAI (Black belt association), where many Grand-Masters and Sensei of separate martial arts from Japan gets together in the effort to refine Shitokan art to bring back the ancient martial arts of Japan. The path of SHITOUKAN Wago Kobujyutsu (unified ancient martial arts of SHITOUKAN) is the journey back to the source of martial art. 


     Since the start of SHITOUKAN great deal has been accomplished. Now the spiritual essence of martial art could clearly manifest on the refurbished all in one technique. There for, along with unification of all segments of art at the physical level, the metaphysical spiritual aspect is now in harmony with each other.  “Defense is the best form of power” the original martial arts spirit is now begun to be restored to the traditional martial arts. this is awakening of BUSHIDO ( spirit of samurai) which the monism is now achieved.  We believe that Proper functioning of Counter offence martial art is a very important essence in achieving World Peace Spirit.  





As SHITOUKAN first originated to be the martial arts school, its oneness principle continues to extend to the field of education. SHITOUKAN is devoted to teach student the ethics and mannerism through basal concept of Monism and Bushido so people can unite in harmony. Monism concept will be the basal believe in the Medical field, farming, and all of other industries inside Land of Aloha.

21 Pin badge for Land of Aloha Members.

     Land of Aloha Pin batch (LOA pin badge) is worn by the project member who operates in monism concept and is “protector of land”. This badge also works as marker to distinguish members from Non- members.

     (example) As Land of Aloha world peace project grows, there seems to be individuals who are conducting profit pursuit businesses and seminars using a project name or Aloha coin. Therefore, LOA Pin badge, works to distinguish legitimate project member with the others.  

     Legitimate project associate would wear the LOA pin badge, and members who is conducting the seminar can be verified by the name list on the Home page. Any other would not carry a badge, nor will be listed in home page so, legitimate land of Aloha member and the Non-member’s is easily detected.

  LOA pin badge deign is a project logo arranged with Hawaiian Coat of arms with YATAGARASU or Three Legged crow. There are 2 designs with Yin and Yang badge types. Both of these badges are for legitimate project supporters and members who advances with the project with monism concept.

     Red Yatagarasu with the Black Hawaiian coat of arms is a Yin badge. This will be worn only by the Shitoukan Martial arts and, Halau Aloha degree holders, Black belt association member, Independent Nation of Hawaii Peace Force and Peace Force Japan Security Associates, Aloha Peace Foundation member, Shitoukan Schools executives, and monism based philosophy instructors relating to this project.   

      Land of aloha world peace project is about achieving world peace by evolving away from the economical based hyper consumption model of society by focusing on the ecology rather than on economy.

      In the classical SHI NOU KOU SHOU (士農工商) an social order of society, SHO(商)or the merchant emphasize on business, instead,  the spirit of SHI(士)emphasized on harmony and disliked profit oriented business. Shitoukan which nourishes bushido spirit is set at the core of LOA project so the project moves on with this legacy.  







20 志統館学校


21 ランドオブアロハメンバーのピンバッチ





正当なプロジェクト関係者はLOA ピンバッチを装着しており、セミナー等を開催するメンバーはHP上の名簿リストで名前も確認できます。それ以外はLOAピンバッチを持たず名簿にも名前が有りませんので、正式のランドオブアロハの団体とそうでない団体と区別がつきます。


LOAピンバッチのデザインは、ハワイ王朝の紋章にヤタガラスを表現したプロジェクトロゴです。デザインには陰と陽の二種類あります。 両方ともプロジェクトの一元論理念で推進する正当なプロジェクトサポーターやメンバーが付けます。プロジェクトメンバーは、LOAホームページ上の名簿に記入されます。










Land of Aloha World Peace Project(LOAWP)









1 ハイパー消費社会からの脱却











本プロジェクトは、世界平和を達成するため、世界中の先住民族とともに自然環境を優先した原点回帰した社会づくりに取り組みます。また、彼らの国の復興と進展を手伝うことで、 彼らの大地及び地球環境最優先の国の復興を促し、同時に世界中の先住民族の連携を手伝います。LOAプロジェクトのメンバーと市民たちによって、地球中の至るところにある先住民族の自治区から環境保全が始まり、魂が満たされる真に幸せな社会を作り出していきます。


2 ランドオブアロハの自然災害改善




しかし人類は、自然災害や気候変動は自然が起こすものであり、人為的変動ではないということにしてきました。 代わりに過去数十年、人類は自然災害に勝利しようとするべく、文明の技術によって災害を凌駕しようとしてきました。しかし津波の被害などを見てもわかるように、大きなコンクリートの壁を建てたところで自然の力には人間の技術で太刀打ちできるものではありません。














3 ランドオブアロハの環境改善




現代のハイパー消費社会経の設計は、済的利益を得る代償として環境を破壊する産業が君臨し、最終的に全て経済的理由によってこの誤った循環の改善や後始末も満足に進まないというものです。後述しますが、経済最優先主義になるさらに深い背景には、この社会特有の 二元論の社会思想が関わっています。ランドオブアロハでは、この根底の部分から見つめ直し、先住民族の環境還元型 一元論思想の発想を用いて様々な改善策を導き出し環境改善を行っていきます。



Land of Aloha way of improving global warming













そのような混乱の中で、残念ながら経済を最優先させて環境問題全体を放棄し、地球温暖化対策のためのパリ協定参加から離脱を表明してしまう国もあります。パリ協定では、今世紀末の気温上昇を2℃未満(努力目標1.5℃)と決めたものの、当該規制が自国製造業を圧迫するからという理由によります。これを見てもわかるように経済を最優先する社会は、直接利益にならなければ地球環境保全事業などに興味は薄いということは明白です。「政府がちょっと手を貸せばどんなにばかげたことでも大多数の国民が信じるようになる」これは バートランド・ラッセルによる言葉です。世界中でさらなる利益を追い求め、正義の名の下に人類が行ってきた戦争、先住民族の土地の略奪、そして環境破壊などは繰り返されてはいけないのです。














地球温暖化の大きな原因のひとつである海の汚染は、日々大量に石油化学製品 (petrol  chemical)や合成洗剤が海に流れ込むことにあります。 



5 山と海をつなげるアフプアア生活システム




6 環境を改善させる生活排水に変えるダカッパ活水システム


水を分子レベルで活性させ水質を向上させるダカッパ活水器を、人々が家で使うことで水道水に溶存した塩素が無害化し、水の洗浄力が戻るので、石油系合成界面活性剤の洗剤等を使用する必要がなくなります。 代わりに自然系界面活性剤の洗剤等を少量使うだけでよくなるので、排水が海に流れても生理分解され海が汚染されません。回復すれば二酸化炭素除能力が回復します。


7 ブルーボックス量子水質改善システム


8 熱をためないヘンプクリート











このアーク装置は、4000度のプラズマジェットアークを放射するものです。 産業廃棄物に照射することでPCB, アスペストなどいかなる公害物質でも、無害化された新素材に変わります。 この技術は通常の空気中で二次公害ガスを排出せずに処理できます。また、真空状態でも水中でも問題なくアークが放出されるので、厳重保護状況下での核廃棄物でも処理が可能であるという見通しです。将来的にこれを使って人間が出してしまった処理不可能とされた産業廃棄物の大掃除もLOAプロジェクトの一環として計画しています。




10 大地の還元に個人レベルで参加














これを使って生活していることから、 体は不健康になり、海洋汚染も広がっているのでこのことから個人レベルで石油系合成界面活性剤などの化学物質で出来た洗剤をはじめとする日用品を使わない暮らしをすることが環境保全の第一歩です。ランドオブアロハプロジェクトでは、私たちが大地の守り人であるという先住民族と同じ意識を持って個人レベルで地球の現状を還元できる暮らしを目指します。



11 ダカッパ活水器を使った海をきれいにする生活の具体例







12 大地を還元する企業や産業レベルでの参加












13 ランドオブアロハの基軸経済「アロハコイン」

The “Aloha Coin” as Key Currency of Land of Aloha


先住民族の大地を最優先する意識で、各産業が具体的に機能するため、ハワイ先住民族の基軸通貨「アロハコイン」があります。 アロハコインは、ハワイを基にして世界中の先住民族とプロジェクト参加者の間で流通する通貨になります。













14 誤った二分法の世界





しかし、二元論思想の根元には、神と悪魔を分け、神性と人間とも分けてしまう現在主流の宗教観にあります。 本来神性は人々の内なる心にも宿っているのですが、この思想を用いることで人々が持って生まれた内に秘めた神性と自分をも引き離してしまい、心の中の平安が起こりにくい状態にしてしまいます。例えば神を自分の外及び雲の上に想像すると宗教に依存してしまうでしょう。そして神と悪すなわち、善と悪に物事を分別すれば、敵と味方という考えも派生し、善なる味方と悪なる敵二分ける精神構造が出来ます。



私たちの社会は二元論の精神に基づくことから、私たちは永遠に消費することで経済が回るハイパー消費モデルの社会をでは、 次々に商品は作られ人々はそれを消費しますが、耐久性に優れ長く持つものよりも、耐久性に劣り壊れやすいものが市場に溢れています。なぜなら我々の経済は消費によって機能する経済なので、耐久性があるものを作ってしまうと消費も止まり、経済が止まってしまうからです。政界レベルで消費率を上げて財政を潤わそうとする鼬ごっこ政策が真剣に議論されている状況に対して地球が代償を払っているのです。 





二元論思想が根底にある現代のハイパー消費モデル経済は、自然資源を枯渇させ公害を起こし、暴力や戦争までをも生み出します。なぜなら二分法思考は物欲的で一向に満足せず、さらに多くの物や利益を欲する様になります。もっと多くの利益やお金、富を追求して必要以上に身の周りに溜め込み不安感だけが増幅するのです。富が増えることでそれらを守る必要性が生じる結果、人は守備的になりそれが増えると暴力に発展し、国レベルでは戦争にまで連鎖するのです。これは少なくとも、他の国の土地や資源までも欲しがらなければの話です。コロンブスの「大陸の発見」に見られるように、 実際に中世以降は神と悪を分ける宗教圏内のヨーロッパの白人によって、ほとんどすべての有色人種の土地への一方的な侵略と植民地化と横奪による白人の繁栄の歴史であったことは史実です。


ハワイにも1778に最初のヨーロッパ人が到来し、1820年にはアメリカ郡行政委員会の外国使節団を通して 150人の宣教師が送り込まれました。「これらの諸島を実りの多い野原と快適な住処と学校と教会で覆い、キリスト教文明の高尚な状態へ人々を高めて、彼らを野蛮な習慣と進路から逸らすことを目的として」という任務を執行し、その後1893年 ハワイ王朝は転覆させられました。これに関して、キリスト連合教会はアメリカ合衆国のビジネスマンとともに王朝転覆に関与してしまう結果となったことに関して、1993年に公的に謝罪しています。

このような出来事は中世以降世界中の先住民族に対して起こりましたが、自分たちの文化や宗教の強制は結果的に文化的集団虐殺につながったのです。侵略を企てた人もいれば、先住民の文化の向上を手伝おうとした人もいるのでしょうが、どちらにせよ二分法思想を用いる人々特有の上から目線からくる驕り高い思想による行動です。 「しかしこれは受動的な大量虐殺として今も尚続いている」と、ハワイ独立国元首バンピーカナヘレ氏は言います。




15 一元論の意識





















本プロジェクトはアロハコインの流通で先住民族の経済が復興することから、もちろんその過程で、ハワイ先住民族の国「ハワイ」の復興にもつながります。このことは同様に、アメリカ合衆国がハワイ王朝の転覆に関する憲法として立法した謝罪法: 一般法 103-150により可決されているハワイ先住民族との間で成し遂げつつある和解過程を一番道義的に全うするための援助でもあります。つまり本プロジェクトは、アメリカ合衆国が憲法の中に記した正義の全うを援助するものでもあるのです。








16 戦争を未然に防ぐ重要要素は「先祖伝来の魂の傷」にある












17 教育を進化させる



18 一元論で先祖元来の魂の傷を癒す医学





19 一元の志統館古武術を元にした教育